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"Your multi-level
approach to teaching
colour concepts really
worked well for me,
and I especially
appreciated your
facility to clarify
a concept using
totally different words to
make it understandable
- a rare ability,
in my experience."






"I wanted to tell you
just how much
I enjoyed the
colour workshop.
It was excellent
- an engrossing two days
- I learned far more
than I expected I would
in such a (relatively)
short workshop.


"The two-day colour class was the most helpful class I have ever taken since I started to quilt- every quilter should take it!!"


"I have been wanting this (colour) information for some time and it was exactly what I hoped for."





















"Every time you talk
about colour,
another light goes on
in my fuzzy brain!"
















About My Classes

I teach all levels of students on a regular basis and like to focus on student individuality. Everyone learns differently, and I try to present my classes so the information is accessible to all students. My classes are noted for their relaxed, fun and positive atmosphere.

Maximum class size is 20 students, to allow for individual attention to all students.

All one-day classes are 6 hours and two-day classes are two six-hour sessions.

Thank you for your interest in my classes.  Please contact me for more information.

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 Colour & Design Workshops

Hands-on (with fabric) workshops, no sewing machines!

Colour for the Terrified Quilter- Colour and Value -one-day workshop -
From my book “Colour for the Terrified Quilter”.

Do you have trouble choosing fabric colours for projects? Create your own reference book as we work through exercises using fabrics. Using plain talk and simple lessons, this one-day class introduces you to the colour wheel as a quilter’s tool.

Learn about how colours work together and how value choices affect your quilting projects. Study different colour combinations and find out why they work. Discover the difference between value and intensity and why that is important. Make your quilts sing with your very own colour choices!

Hands-on with fabrics, no sewing machines!  For all levels of quilting experience.
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Colour for the Terrified Quilter- All Around the Wheel - 2 or 3 day workshops -
From my book “Colour for the Terrified Quilter”.

Are colour choices still stumping you? Want to know more about value, intensity and colour combinations? Want to know why some colours work together and others take more effort?

Put the colour wheel to use, learn how it works for you as a tool. Work with various colour combinations to learn how to put colours together to suit YOU. Then play with your new skills to create the special effects of depth and transparency. Students have a reference book when finished.
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Design Principles for Quilters - 2 or 3 day workshops
Learn about design principles – take an idea-generating workshop. Improve the visual impact of your quilts- whether they are traditional or contemporary. This class offers insights into design/composition elements and principles. Would you like to know more about the use of shape, line, colour, value, space or dimension? And about different kinds of balance? How to achieve unity and variety and balance in a design? We will make small exercise pieces (page sized- to keep for reference) using fabrics to explore these all-important elements and principles.
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Additional Workshops Offered

Beginning Quilter Workshops:

Learn to Quilt 101 - A Table Runner
A true beginner’s quilting project! Cover all the basics while you make a table runner. Learn about rotary cutting, machine piecing, adding borders, quilting and putting on the binding. You can make this one over and over again- all the instructions come with the class.

Cut, Swap and Sew - An Easy Quilt Project
A great way to use a pair of large scale prints that you don't want to cut into small pieces. Large floral prints, cute kid's prints, elegant batiks, seasonal or ethnic prints- this technique works for them all. Finished size is just right for a lap quilt, tablecloth, picnic cloth or kid's nap quilt. This class only constructs the top of the quilt.

Machine Quilting Basics – one day

Beginners Class.  Now that you can piece tops fast and they are piling up- get them out of the cupboard and into use. Learn to quilt- using straight lines, curved lines and free motion techniques. Learn about battings, needles, thread, and what design to choose for your quilt.
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Beginners Basics Quilted Sampler- Six sessions
All the basics for beginners- learn rotary cutting, piecing accurate ¼” seams, foundation paper piecing, fusible appliqué, curved seam piecing, how to machine-quilt-as-you-go and much, much more. In six sessions you will be ready to put the binding on and finish your sampler quilt- a true sampler of techniques and tips! Even tips on how to fix those little “blips” we all have when we are learning! This is even a great class for refreshing your skills.
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Colour for the Terrified Quilter - one or two days
(classes listed and described above)


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Beyond Beginner Workshops:

Sliced Circles- one-day
Circles are among the most satisfying shapes to work with and the combination of circles and straight lines is exciting! Play with great, favourite fabrics and create a wall-hanging-sized art quilt top, while you learn about shapes and lines and designs. Quilting options are discussed for your finished project.
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Fantastic Free Motion Quilting- Beyond Beginner- One-day
For the quilter who has some experience with free motion quilting. More ways to doodle! Filler designs, specific fillers for specific areas, feathers (traditional and free-form), flowers, spirals, shells, leaves, and more! Echo quilting, plus various techniques for grid quilting- free-style! Experiment with trapunto by machine. Designs are provided. Produce a collection of reference samples.
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Improv Houses
One Day class. Improv piecing is gaining popularity- traditional, modern, reproduction, hand-dyed or batiks- this technique works in all fabrics. Class will focus on making free-style houses into a unique-to-you quilt.
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Shape Shifter - Free Style Piecing
One day class. Free-style cut layers and gently curved piecing make a unique playful art quilt. No points to match! Add in favourite fabrics as sashing or use as a base for appliqué. Learn about colours, values and prints and how you can make them work together.
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3D Stems and Leaves
One Day class. Add reality to your art work. In this idea-generating class, you will learn how to sculpt fabrics and batting by machine to make leaves and stems that you can place wherever you like on your quilted art work. You will be making samples and we will also discuss how and where to use the stems and leaves. Bring a notebook!
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Blackberry Regeneration


Reversible Table Runner
Twice the quilt in half the time! Make a table runner with fabrics for one occasion on one side and another on the reverse. Quick easy construction- quilt it at the same time as you piece it! Once you learn this technique- you can use it for larger projects.
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Reversible Table Runner Side A

Reversible Table Runner Side B


Double Decker Appliqué by Machine
One Day class.  Create layers of interest with this technique. You can plan your design or be surprised by it. Your workshop piece can be the stepping off point for embellishment, using threads, beads or both. The possibilities are endless.
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Finishing Quilts - More Than Straight Edges
One Day class.  A practical workshop covering a wide variety of ways to finish the edges of your quilts. We will be making “workbook” samples that you can refer to later. Learn different ways to make straight and bias binding to apply to curved and scalloped edges, how to make facings for unusual edges, making shark’s teeth, couched edges, different ways to join binding ends and how to add hanging sleeves. Make your masterpieces using these techniques!


Reversible Quilt - Make Both Sides at Once
One Day class. Learn several different techniques in this workshop: fast Drunkards Path blocks, the reversible quilt technique as taught by Sharon Pederson (with permission), two sided binding, how to use other blocks and how to enlarge your project.
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Fabric Collage Pictures
One Day class.  Make a scene - in fabric! It’s actually not that difficult- you don’t have to know how to draw. Bring a few pictures of your own and we will decide which one is the best to learn this technique. No fusing- raw-edge applique and quilting is the way this is put together. Learn about the importance of value and how your fabrics can say more than you think!
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Orphan Blocks and Leftovers
One or Two-day Class. The purpose of this fun class is to put together leftovers and spare parts from abandoned projects into a useable one-of-a-kind quilt that may (or may not- ) be a thing of beauty, but will give you a sense of satisfaction and reflect your personality! What have you got to lose but a few leftovers?
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Turn Loose the Goose
Stitch up the classic Wild Goose Chase quilt and some loose goose variations!
Quilt it in strips as you go!

Learn at least six things: How to create straight and narrow fast geese, confused geese with angled seams, how to use large scale prints to create hide-and-seek geese, how to add fabrics to your project as you work, how to quilt in strips as-you-go and how to make your quilt in the size you want!
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Playing With Circles
One day class. Circles dance on shifting backgrounds...think bubbles, beach balls, planets...
A workshop on curved piecing creates a background for applique. Don't panic about the “A” word! Ionne will show you different methods of easy machine applique.
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Colour for the Terrified Quilter - one or two days
(classes listed and described above)




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The following list includes the classes I teach at my local quilt shops as well as my “away” classes. Some classes are only taught locally. Also included are exhibitions, conference and retreat dates.

Check back often for classes being added to this schedule.

You may contact the quilt shop or contact person directly for prices, supply lists and start times. I encourage you to refer to the list of workshops above for more details about each class. You can also look through the Gallery pages for examples of some of the classes.

Click here for a printable version of the schedule (PDF)

Spring 2017
Date Workshop/Event Location and Contact
February 2
Machine Quilting Basics Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC
February 25
Fantastic Free Motion Quilting Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC
February 28
Colour for the Terrified Quilter - One Day Colour workshop Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

March 4
Reversible Table Runner Parksville Quilt House Quilters Guild

March 9
Reversible Quilt - Make Both Sides at Once Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

March 13
Trunk Show Nanoose Quilters

March 16
Improv Houses Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

March 18
Finishing Quilts - More Than Straight Edges Nanaimo Quilters Guild

May 3 and 10
(2 Wednesdays)
Design Priciples for Quilters
2-day workshop

Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

May 6
Fabric Collage Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

May 27
Sliced Circles Serge and Sew Quilt Shop
Nanaimo, BC

June 22
Trunk Show Westshore Guild

Click here for a printable version of the schedule (PDF)


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